Friday, July 13, 2012

How Green Vibrance keeps you Healthy

Green Vibrance is a green drink that helps keep you healthy. The green powder contains lots of vitamins, minerals and probiotics that can be mixed with almost any beverage. Many people do not like the taste of it, this is because they are mixing it with water. If you mix it with a juice, like orange juice, you wont even notice the taste. You can even be creative a try different Green Vibrance smoothies! Eventually you would grow accustomed to the taste and it wont matter what you mix it with. Green Vibrance comes in powder or capsule form.
Before you buy Green Vibrance, read all of the facts to know why it is beneficial for you. This site offers all of the information you need before you make your purchase. Don't just read this post, read every single page to know more! When you're ready, you'll feel confident that Green Vibrance is a beneficial green drink for your body. Not only will it keep you healthy, but you will notice fat loss

Let's get into the many great benefits of Green Vibrance. First off, Green Vibrance gives you clarity of thought, an increase in energy and endurance, stronger immunity, and an overall better functioning body. This is all achieved by the many essential ingredients found in Green Vibrance. I'm on my fifth Green Vibrance pack, this is because I truly see a difference. I definitely notice an increase in energy, especially when taken for breakfast. I've almost completely stopped drinking coffee for breakfast! Green Vibrance has also helped me with digestion. I sometimes eat a late dinner, what I typically do is drink a Green Vibrance before bed. The next morning I don't feel as bloated as I normally would. 
  • Green Vibrance helps regulate your gastrointestinal tract which improves nutrient absorption
  • Green Vibrance contains 25 billion probiotics per dose from 12 strains - it also has 64 fine certified organic and concentrated foods and extracts
  • Green Vibrance helps you maintain a healthy immune system
  • The antioxidants found in each scoop of Green Vibrance powder protects your cells against damage by free radicals
More benefits provided by Green Vibrance:
  • More complete nutrition; a host of rare, scarce nutrients.
  • Support for digestion and gastrointestinal function
  • Support for healthy circulation
  • More energy
  • Support for clearance of waste products of metabolism, detoxification
  • Support for neurological health
  • Support for cardiovascular function
  • Support for normal blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Support for immunity
  • Resistance to oxidative changes associated with aging
  • And some consumers swear they look younger
If you would like to know more about Green Vibrance please visit the Health Benefits page. If your wondering where to buy Green Vibrance, just click the link below!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cure for a Hangover?

We all like to go out with friends time to time and enjoy a few drinks. You have the best night ever, but when morning comes, the hangover is there to greet you. If only there was a cure for a hangover. There are many products on the market that claim to be the cure for the hangover, but do they really work? I've tried Drinking Mate, it seems to work okay. Drinking Mate comes in a tablet form that is dissolved in water. It uses Guava leaf extract that defends against aches, fatigue, queasy stomach, and dehydration. You drink it either before you drink alcohol or right after before you go to bed. The next day, I feel better than I normally would, but I still don't feel 100%.

One night I decided I wanted to drink a Green Vibrance shake after a night out instead of a Drinking Mate. The next day I was completely amazed! I felt awake and alert, and I didn't have a head ache. Vibrant Health does not advertise that it helps with hangovers, I just happened to figure it out myself. Now after every time I have a few drinks, I take a Green Vibrance because I know I'll feel a lot better the next day. I no longer need to stay in bed until 12PM to wait until the hangover is gone; I'm usually up by 8AM and feeling great. It seems that Green Vibrance keeps your body hydrated while you sleep and nourishes all of our cells. I don't know the specific science behind it, but I know it works for my hangover each time I drink it.    

Green Vibrance Benefits?

Not only is Green Vibrance good for hangovers, but it keeps your body healthy by supporting digestion and gastrointestinal function and many, many other things. To read more about Green Vibrance, view the What is Green Vibrance page. There are many more Green Vibrance benefits that should be reviewed, and can be found on this site. I hope some of you will give this a try, not only as a hangover cure but to help you maintain a healthy body. If you would like to buy Green Vibrance, visit the link below.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Green Vibrance Smoothie Recipe

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. I wanted to make my usual Green Vibrance smoothie, but I wanted to make it a bit different. I decided to make a Green Vibrance smoothie with mangoes, mixed berries and almond milk. Follow this quick Green Vibrance smoothie recipe, for a delicious morning breakfast drink.

I added about 5 ounces of almond milk, 2 small slices of mango and a few mixed berries to my Magic Bullet mixer. I then put in one scoop of Green Vibrance.
Blended it altogether, and was ready to enjoy my healthy morning Green Vibrance smoothie. After my smoothie, I played basketball for 45 minutes. The Green Vibrance smoothie gave me enough energy, and I did not feel exhausted at all. I suggest you give this quick Green Vibrance smoothie recipe a try, it was truly delicious!

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